The type of sow house is set according to the division of the herd and it is generally divided into to-be-mating pig house (female breeding sow, gilt, but also boar and no longer set up only a boar), pregnancy mother Pig house, lactating sow house (production room).
The number of various sow houses is mainly determined by the conditions, technology and management level of the site, and the various production indicators are determined as the basic parameters of the process design. The sow's production indicators mainly include the sow's useful life, the number of breeding days for empty sows, the conception fertility rate, the tillering rate, and the number of weaning days for suckling piglets. Modern pig production must implement streamlined operations that balance the birth and rearing of pigs in order to give full play to the reproductive performance of sows.
The number of sows in each group can be calculated based on the number of days the pig was raised and the relevant production indicators:
The average number of litters per year per litter: litter/(year.head)=365/(empty sow feeding day+gestation sow feeding day+sucking sow feeding day).
Average daily number of litters (wo/g) = number of basic sows in stock
Empty sow rearing day = weaned to estrus days + 21 (2-feeling conception rate) +86/2 (1-delivery rate)
Pregnant sow feeding day = 114-21-7 (into the delivery room 7 days before delivery)
Breast-feeding sow feeding day = number of days of breast-feeding (usually 21 to 35 days) + number of days of delivery and delivery room (usually 7 days)
Empty sow herd population (head) = Empty sow rearing day Average daily nest number Pregnant sow population (head) = Pregnant sow rearing day Average daily birth number Number of nursing sows (head) = Sucking sow feeding day Average daily number of nests
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