Problems to Pay Attention to when Buying New Agricultur…

First, according to the needs of selection At present, various new types of agricultural machinery products are continuously introduced to the market, but all types of products have their own characteristics and adaptability. Farmers' friends should learn as much as possible about the technic-----

Shandong Fruit Tree Formula Fertilization Technology

3, vegetative growth and reproductive growth The competition for nutrient absorption is fierce. During the life cycle, good vegetative growth of saplings is the basis of flowering results. In the orchard with sufficient organic fertilizer, less nitrogen fertilizer and more phosphate fertilizer ca-----

High-yielding Cultivation Techniques of Wheat Interplan…

High-yielding Cultivation Techniques of Wheat Interplanting Spearmint Chen Guoyi (Agricultural Technology Center of the Eighth Division of the Eighth Agricultural Division, Bole City, Xinjiang 833405) Abstract : This paper describes in detail the characteristics of spearmint, objectively descri-----

Tomato Leaf Mould Control

Tomato leaf mold is one of the major diseases of tomato. It mainly affects the leaves and also affects the fruit. It usually starts from the lower leaves and gradually expands toward the upper leaves. In the early stage of the disease, irregular yellowish chlorotic spots appeared on the front surf-----

Italy develops new implantable beating left ventricular…

Release date: 2007-05-21 Italy develops new implantable pulsatile left ventricular assistive devices It has been reported that Italian newcortec researchers have developed a new type of implantable pulsatile left ventricular assist device (lvad) that provides a more physiologically accommodatin-----

How to store cotton seeds?

Cotton seed storage pays attention to the following five technical aspects: First, seed cotton seed must be rolled before the frost bloom, embryo full, hard seed shell resistant to storage. The second is cottonseed fleece is easy to absorb moisture, sealed after the sun. Third, the moisture content-----

Peony cutting flower cultivation techniques

Peony flowers are beautifully shaped and soft in color. Heze exports tens of thousands of fresh cut flowers each year. Based on our many years of research experience, we have initially mastered a selection of cultivars, field management, harvesting, storage, and transportation techniques for peony-----