Asparagus cultivation techniques

Asparagus plumosus belongs to the family Liliaceae and genus Asparagus. It is specially used as cutting leaves and potted plants, and the potted plants are graceful and elegant. As an important ingredient of cut flowers, the commodity rate is very high. Because of its strong adaptability, simple cu-----

Several ways to identify fake seeds

1. What is a fake species: (1) A non-seed is used to impersonate a seed or to impersonate a seed of another species: (2) The seed species, species, and origin are inconsistent with the contents of the label. 2. What is called inferior species: (1) The quality is lower than the species-specified na-----

How to prevent corn shortage

1. Star-filled grains (commonly known as Saitama): The main reason is due to the premature sporulation of the female ear, the small amount of pollen that has passed the flowering stage, or the high-temperature dry weather encountered during flowering, lack of soil moisture, and loss of pollen vital-----

Jaundice breeding method

1. Site preparation and soil preparation: Choose a fertile, well-drained sandy loam or alluvial soil. Poor soil, low enthalpy and heavy soil or running on the mountain should not be suitable. Apply organic fertilizer and deep-dip. 2. Seed propagation: (1) Treat hard and solid seeds. It is importan-----

Crop seed life and useful life

Source of life and duration of use of crop seeds: Seed Technology Category: Technical Articles Update Time: 2008-10-29 16:23:09 Read 77 times Li Shengxiang (Hangzhou Xiaoshan Seed Management Station) As with all living organisms, seeds continue to carry out life activities within the cells. When-----

Ways to reduce pig raising costs

Selection of good breeds and heavy disease prevention scales Pigs must choose “Three-Yuan” cross-breeding pigs. The Changbai and Yorkshire pigs that are long-legged, wide-necked, short-mouthed, full-nunched, stout-breasted, and eager for food and food should be selected. the best. Only -----

Sawdust Fermented into Matrix Soil

The sawdust is fermented into the matrix nutrient soil sawdust as long as the following treatment can be fermented into high quality nutrient soil, the operation method is as follows: Preparation. Sawdust 2 cubic meters, 1 bag of microbial starter, 2 kilograms of urea (or replace 50-100 kilograms -----