China Zui big boom type tower crane successfully develo…

On May 7th, 2008, China's Zui's boom-type tower crane and national science and technology support plan TCR6055-32 (630tm) were successfully implemented in Zhonglian Heavy-duty Research Institute, and passed the inspection and delivery of relevant departments. This product fills the blank of-----

Summer bullfrog management measures

Summer is the “golden period” for the growth of bullfrogs. The management measures are as follows. 1. Increase the feeding amount With the increase of temperature, the food intake of bullfrogs increases, and the feeding amount should also increase gradually to avoid the occurrence of -----

After the pepper is planted, it must be watered

First of all, do not earth the soil too early or too deep before watering. Premature and excessively deep soiling will affect the normal breathing in the roots and limit the activity of microorganisms in the soil. Watering at this time can easily cause rooting. Second, watering should be appropri-----

Bean virus disease prevention measures

1, choose resistant varieties. 2. Select disease-free strains and establish virus-free fields. 3. Strengthen fertilizer and water management and increase plant resistance to disease. 4, pay attention to control of aphids, from the seedling stage began to pay attention to the prevention and cont-----

Several problems that should be noticed in corn plantin…

Nowadays, the wheat harvest is nearing the end and the sowing of summer corn begins immediately. In order to better serve the farmers, the farmers should be introduced to the problems that should be paid attention to when planting corn, for reference only. Due to the high temperature and high humi-----

In the thunderstorm

Summer thunderstorms, many farmers often threw in the thunderstorms to the cropland fertilizer. During the investigation visit, it was learned that it would be unscientific and harmful for the application of fertilizer to crop seedlings. Spreading fertilizers on thunderstorms can be easily struck-----

How to treat vegetables after a hot storm

Hot summer rain is very harmful to vegetables. After the rainstorm, the stems and leaves of vegetables often adhere to some soil, and the stomata on the leaves are blocked, which greatly affects the respiration, transpiration and photosynthesis of the leaves. Heavy rain can also cause vegetable pl-----