Prevention and cure of malformed seedlings of greenhous…

The leggy seedlings have fine stems, long internodes, thin leaves, and light colors. Mainly caused by the high temperature and humidity in the shed. Prevention measures: First, according to the temperature and humidity requirements of seedlings, timely ventilation; Second, to ensure that the cover -----

Introduction of throttle valve

The throttle valve is a regulating valve by changing the cross section of the flow passage to control the pressure and flow of the fluid. However, due to its structural limitation, there is no regulating characteristic of the regulating valve, so it cannot be used inst-----

High-quality Texas donkey, male donkey, male ass and do…

Meat Donkey Breeding Base Shanxi Meat Donkey Breeding Base Heilongjiang Meat Donkey Breeding Meat Donkey Breeding Farm Large donkeys suitable for fattening related donkeys and donkeys in Texas, small and medium donkeys have Jiami donkey and Biyang donkey. First, feeding principle According to age-----

Prevention of dairy cattle abortion should be meticulou…

There are many causes of abortion in dairy cows, including genetics, climate and environment, endocrinology, diseases, and feeding and management. The improper feeding and management are the main incentives. For example, feed fed with spoilage can cause cow poisoning, resulting in miscarriage; sudd-----

Supply shelf Limousin like cattle high-yielding cows Sm…

Shandong Yunfa Animal Husbandry and Sheep Breeding and Distribution Base, supplying all year round: Simmental, Limousin, Charolais, Luxi, Modified Beef, Fattening Bull, Beef Calf, and High Yield Cow. Small-tailed sheep, South Africa Boer goats, Charolais sheep, Dorper sheep, Dorset sheep. These va-----

Tomato "three phases" fertilization can yield

No matter whether the tomatoes are cultivated in open or protected areas, phosphorus deficiency and potassium deficiency are often caused by improper fertilization time, resulting in debilitating plants, resulting in deformities and other symptoms, resulting in low yield, poor quality, and poor eff-----

Instructions for Using Tenebrio Feed Starter

Instructions for Use of Feed Starter of Yellow Mealworm A product introduction Jinbao Tenebrio feed starter is the latest result of the introduction of the international microbiological engineering technology of the United States, Japan and South Korea combined with its own intellectual property ri-----