Persimmon fruit storage and preservation

Persimmon fruit is a kind of respiration-changing fruit, and it is more sensitive to ethylene and easy to soften after picking, which brings great difficulties to storage, transportation and marketing. At present, the persimmon fruit storage and preservation techniques mainly have the following met-----

Pear preservation technology

First, refrigerated: Ya pear when refrigerated should pay attention to the use of slow cooling measures, cooling too quickly can cause black heart disease. The starting temperature should be maintained at 10 to 12°C. After 1 week, decrease 1°C every 5 to 7 days. Then change to 1°C every 3 -----

Rape winter management advice

In view of the fact that some of the current varieties and some of the crops have heavy frost damage, as long as the field management of frozen rape is still able to win high yields, the following field management measures are proposed. 1. Qinggou Drainage: Clean the silt in the ditch, reduce the -----

Summer chicken attention

The first is to reduce the density. Laying chickens are particularly afraid of heat. Therefore, after entering the summer, the flocks should be kept in a timely manner in light of the increase in temperature. In summer when laying hens are raised, 5 broilers per square metre are preferred; after pl-----

Talking about the Measures of Safety Overwintering of F…

I. Causes of death of fishes during wintering period 1. Poor environment of overwintering fishponds, resulting in serious lack of oxygen. Death is the first result of pond aging. It has not been dredged for many years and accumulated thick silt. The pigs, ducks and ducks in Tongtou pig and duck far-----

Plant protection machinery should pay attention to what…

Machine preparation 1 Correctly select the type of sprayer, the type of spray head, and the size of the sprayer according to the requirements of the control object and the spray operation. For example, in the case of pest control in Daejeon, hydraulic sprayers and conical fog nozzles were selected.-----

Causes of premature aging of cotton and its control mea…

No matter how good the cotton varieties are, if they are not supported by good methods, premature aging and related problems will inevitably occur. The so-called premature senility, generally refers to cotton in the flowering period, in the effective growth period, fertility organs weakened or stag-----