Do not forget to prevent six diseases of mushrooms in w…

On Sunday, when the reporter bought flat mushroom at the Liulishan vegetable market in Jinan, he asked the stall owner, "Comrade, how much is a pound of mushrooms?" The stall owner answered "2 yuan 1 kg." "Mushrooms are expensive?" the reporter asked. The stallholders -----

Daily management of fermentation beds

A good fermentation bed should give full play to its functions. Normal management cannot be done without it. Otherwise, what should be done specifically? Pay attention to daily management: (1) Control pig feed density. The breeding density of pigs should not be too high. There will be too many he-----

Comprehensive Prevention and Cure Techniques for Pests …

Use artificial and agricultural methods to clean the orchards, eradicate overwintering pests and diseases, effectively eradicate pests, and reduce the overwintering base. 1. Cleaning the leaves: Falling leaves are one of the major overwintering parts of many pests. For example, cherry brown spot,-----

How to choose healthy piglets

The selection of healthy piglets is the basis for increasing the benefits of pig production and must not be sloppy. The selection of healthy piglets has a lot of attention. Here are 10 kinds of precautions to provide reference for pig farmers. 1. The indigenous pigs grow slowly and have a long gr-----

Preparation and application of microecological preparat…

For Chinese sturgeon farming Preparation of Microecological Preparation and Evaluation of Its Application Effect (Zhang Yaohong 1 Cao Jieying 2 Yuan Chunying 3 Kang Chenxiang 2 Ge Jing 1 Wang Zhenhuai 4) (1 - Baoding Fisheries Research Institute 2 - Hebei Fisheries Technology Extension Station -----

Analysis on Causes of Self-extinguishing of Combine Har…

During the use of the combine harvester, it often encounters the phenomenon of engine self-extinguishment. To eliminate such failures, the situation should be clearly identified. After the cause of the failure is identified, it is targeted to be eliminated. The self-extinguishing failure signs of -----

6 tips potato is more delicious

Potatoes are popular vegetables that everyone loves. What should you pay attention to when making potatoes? 1. When potatoes are peeled, only a thin layer of skin should be cut off, because the portion that is close to the potato skin is rich in protein. Also, if potatoes that have been peeled of-----