Kinpo Matrix Matrices Fermentation Aid (The Soilless Culture Matrix is ​​Crucial)
Soilless cultivation is the key to the substrate. The matrix is ​​required to have a strong chemical stability, the matrix does not contain toxic substances, the chemical balance of the nutrient solution is maintained, and it is easy to manage and ensure the normal growth of the crop. The chemical stability of the matrix varies greatly depending on the chemical composition. The matrix composed of plant residues, such as peat, sawdust, rice husk, bagasse, etc., has a relatively complex chemical composition and has a great influence on the nutrient solution. Fresh straw, peat, incompletely bark, bagasse, etc., contain substances that are easily decomposed by microorganisms and toxic substances. Initial use will cause strong biochemical changes due to microbial activity, seriously affecting the balance of nutrient solution, and will Poisoning roots. If these organic substances are treated with a starter, the organic components will be decomposed into stable substances such as lignin and humus, so that the stability of the soilless culture substrate can be maintained.
So, is there a professional starter? Kinbago Matrix Fermentation Aid is specially developed for the needs of soilless cultivation. It has unique functions in fermented bark, sawdust, and bagasse. Can greatly shorten the fermentation time, reduce nutrient loss, eliminate burned roots and burn seedlings phenomenon, balance nutrients, environmental protection, safety and health. In contrast, the traditional natural fermentation, such as sawdust bark, generally takes one or two years, livestock and poultry excrement is also faster than half a year, and the maturity is not uniform, incomplete, nutrient loss, pollution of the environment. The use of Kinpo-type fermentation auxiliaries can be fermented for about three weeks, resulting in a beautiful (brown or black) appearance and pleasant smell (removal of manure, feces, excrement, etc.), or other miscellaneous waste. The rot odor), a nutrient-rich matrix, is widely used in the fermentation treatment of green soilless substrates and green roofs, golf courses, and the treatment of debris in branches and leaves in parks. In addition to better ecological benefits, the economy The benefits are also very impressive, adding several times. Details can visit the website or consult. Website address: 152 mailbox, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, 12 Zhongguancun South Street, Beijing. Zip code 100081 hotline 85947556

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