First, according to the needs of selection

At present, various new types of agricultural machinery products are continuously introduced to the market, but all types of products have their own characteristics and adaptability. Farmers' friends should learn as much as possible about the technical information of the model before purchasing new agricultural machinery products, such as whether the power, economy, versatility, safety, convenience, etc. are suitable for the local natural and geographical conditions, in particular to understand Where are the advancements in new agricultural machinery products and what are the deficiencies? Then weigh the pros and cons and determine whether it is right for you. Don't be blindly purchased by advertising. If the model is suitable for you, you should also understand whether the product has "three licenses" (ie production license, promotion permit, quality certificate), whether it is a national stereotyped product. If there is no "three certificates" or non-standard products, do not buy them.

Second, consider the parts versatility

New agricultural machinery products have many new structures and new parts. The structural shapes and sizes of these spare parts are different. Generally, they are not versatile, and some are not available in the market. They must be bought by manufacturers, which will take away travel expenses and delay time. There was a lot of trouble in repairs and replacements; sometimes, although a local specialty store was found in the area, due to lack of competitors, the prices of spare parts sold by them were often high. All of these artificially increased maintenance costs and production costs, and many operators spent a lot of energy in this area. Therefore, it is best to purchase spare parts for popular products.

Third, pay attention to service

Due to the particularity of the structure of new agricultural machinery products, most users are unable to fully grasp them at one time. When there are major failures in use, they often do nothing. Therefore, you must not ignore the sale of "three guarantees" service problems, some of the machine directly to the manufacturers purchase, because of the long distance, "far water can not save the near fire", "three guarantees" service is difficult to put in place, delayed the operation time . Therefore, when buying a machine, it is best to buy it locally at a local agricultural machine company or a township agricultural machinery station and ask the seller to make a commitment to provide the after-sale "Three Guarantees" service in a timely manner.

Take note of the above three issues. After you purchase a new type of agricultural machinery product, you will be relieved and satisfied.

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