Peony flowers are beautifully shaped and soft in color. Heze exports tens of thousands of fresh cut flowers each year. Based on our many years of research experience, we have initially mastered a selection of cultivars, field management, harvesting, storage, and transportation techniques for peony-cut flowers, which are now described as follows:

1. Planting should be based on topography, soil fertility, looseness, convenient irrigation and drainage plots, row spacing by 80 cm planting, planting 1,000 per acre, general planting cut flowers after 2 years.

2. Fertilizer Application fertilizer, adequate nutrients is the key to high quality and high yield. Fertilization mainly organic fertilizer, supplemented by inorganic fertilizer, apply base fertilizer. Top dressing can be carried out in November, 200 kg of cake fertilizer per acre, 30 kg of phosphoric acid plating, application of ditch or hole.

3. The quality of water cut flowers depends largely on whether the water is appropriate. If the weather is particularly dry, you should water before flowering, otherwise the flower diameter will become smaller, the petal level will become less, and the color will become lighter. Peony is a fleshy root, tolerant to drought, and generally does not require watering. In the rainy season, attention should be paid to timely drainage.

4. Pest control The occurrence of aphid damage before peony cutting directly affects the quality of cut flowers. With 40% omethoate 2000 times foliar spray, to control. In the rainy season (July to September), leaf spot prone to erythema. Causes the leaves to dry up. It can be sprayed with thiophanate-methyl 1000 times once a month to prevent it. The underground pests of peony are mainly Cao Pi, which endangers the roots. Apply 3 to 4 kg of phoxim to the soil per acre when fertilizing.

5. There are several buds on the side of the scorpion cultivars and should be left to buds, otherwise it will affect the quality of flowers.

6. Variety selection Cut flower production not only requires more variety, full color, and quantity, but also considers early, middle and late tastes to ensure that cut flowers are continuously supplied to the market in batches. In recent years, cold storage, low-temperature refrigeration and preservation, greenhouse cultivation, and off-site planting methods can extend the cut flower supply time by 4 months.

Heze has more than 300 varieties of yams and 10% of the total number of varieties that meet the cut flower standard. Heze City’s peony research has selected some varieties suitable for cut flowers, such as the white “Yang yue bathing” and the pink “eye”. , the red "Purple Hydrangea", the yellow "Golden Wheel", the black "Iron Purple" and so on.

7. The best time for harvesting the peony herb is when the flower bud becomes soft and it does not bloom. Cutting too early will cause no flowering. The best shear time is between 5 and 10 o'clock. At noon the temperature is high and the transpiration is strong and difficult to harvest. The cutting position is above the first leaf above the ground and is immediately released into a prepared container. If the incision is too low, the rain will flow down the wound, causing the roots to decay.

8. The cut and cut squid should be quickly transferred to the low-temperature room and separated by the color variety. In order to ensure that the squid is clean and avoid spoilage during storage, remove the lower leaves after harvest, leaving only the upper 3 leaves and single leaves, and then rinse with water to release 40% of carbendazim 1000 times and 40% of the time. Diluted 2000 times the amount of phosphorus in the mixed solution, slightly dried leaves no water after the leaves, a bundle of every 10, put people inside the polyethylene film bag carton. It can be stored for 6 to 8 weeks at 0°C to 2°C. It is best to use air to shorten the transport time.

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