1, the quality of good food, fresh bait and compound feed combination, fresh bait should pay special attention to freshness, with bait should pay attention to nutritional balance, bait can be properly added a variety of vitamins and minerals.

2, to strengthen management: (1) strict control of feeding, fed twice a day sooner or later is appropriate, the total amount of feeding for the fish body weight of about 2% -5%; (2) take regular seedlings, every 20 days or a Sub-seedlings are divided once a month, and seedlings are divided in a timely manner. Freshwater baths (5 to 15 minutes) are used in the process of seedling separation. At the same time, bumps should be avoided to prevent pests and diseases. The cages should be regularly cleaned.

3, pay attention to disease prevention and control: (1) aquaculture ponds are regularly disinfected with bromine and chlorine disinfectants; (2) early detection, symptomatic drugs, such as bacteria caused by gastrointestinal diseases, can be added to the pathogen-sensitive antibiotics For bait, parasites can be soaked with freshwater baths or insecticides.

4, do a good job of disinfection to prevent the spread of disease, cross-infection. (1) The dead fish should be buried deep after treatment with disinfectant; (2) The diseased aquaculture water body must be disinfected before it can be discharged.

Parallel Milking Parlor/Afimilk auto parallel Milking Parlor

Afimilk auto parallel milking parlor is one of the most widely used devices. Using automatic upgrade scaffolding systems, short working line, milker milking efficiency is maximized, as oxtail high density, relatively narrow milking parlor construction area, a significant reduction in construction costs and space. Device according to user needs can be equipped with the world`s most advanced Afikim pasture management software has becomed the most practical high-end devices.

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milking parlor

Parallel Milking Parlor

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