Release date: 2007-05-21

Italy develops new implantable pulsatile left ventricular assistive devices It has been reported that Italian newcortec researchers have developed a new type of implantable pulsatile left ventricular assist device (lvad) that provides a more physiologically accommodating aid for patients with severe heart failure.
The bestbeat system operates automatically and counter-pulses with the original left ventricle, thereby relieving the heart load and improving the heart's tolerance to exercise and increased metabolism. The system allows for variations in the left ventricle (lv) afterload, adapts to different levels of patient demand while synchronizing counterpulsation, and maintains the entire process of the device. These features make the system particularly suitable for long-term assistance in graft bypassing and recovery bypass because the counterpulsation ensures a complete rest of the heart muscle. The adjustable load can help the doctor control the withdrawal period and maintain a synchronized counterpulsation without reducing blood flow.
The bestbeat system was developed with the technical support of et medical devices (cavareno, italy). The bestbeat system is undergoing clinical trials in France and Germany. ——Transfer from Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association

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