Cotton seed storage pays attention to the following five technical aspects: First, seed cotton seed must be rolled before the frost bloom, embryo full, hard seed shell resistant to storage. The second is cottonseed fleece is easy to absorb moisture, sealed after the sun. Third, the moisture content of imported cotton seeds is below 11-12%, the impurity is less than 0.5, the bud rate is 90%, and there are no mildew, diseases and insects, and damaged grains. The fourth is the warehouse stacking. It is advisable to put it in about half of the storage capacity. The temperature should be measured in time and the temperature should be kept below 15°C. Fifth, pay attention to fire prevention and rat prevention.

The Circular Fixator contains rings and rods of different sizes, which can be used in different positions. It is lightweight because of aluminium or carbon fibre construction. The enlongated hole give more flexibility and stability in nail putting.

Circular Fixator, External Fixator , Circular External Fixator, Ilizarov External Fixator

Primary useage: For Tibia & Femur Fixation   

Certification:CE & ISO13485 


Advantages of our external fixators:

I. Unnular design, firm and reliable     

II. Easier operation & short time     

III. Minimally invasive surgery, no influence to blood supply of bone      

IV. Second surgery is unnecessary, remove directly in clinic     

V. Dynamic design, better for bone healing     

VI. Taper bone screws, taut and firm after insertion.   

We can also provide OEM service for you. 

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Circular Fixator/ Ilizarov Fixator

Circular Fixator,External Fixator,Circular External Fixator,Ilizarov External Fixator

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