Shandong Yunfa Animal Husbandry and Sheep Breeding and Distribution Base, supplying all year round: Simmental, Limousin, Charolais, Luxi, Modified Beef, Fattening Bull, Beef Calf, and High Yield Cow. Small-tailed sheep, South Africa Boer goats, Charolais sheep, Dorper sheep, Dorset sheep. These varieties have strong adaptability, resistance to disease and cold, fast growth, resistance to extensive, high efficiency, and are loved by farmers all over the country. Perennial tracking services, casualties in transit, the company to compensate for all economic losses, and bear legal responsibility. For quarantine procedures, a large amount of free delivery home. Free technology. Cattle and sheep are your choice - please pay later. The manager promises that anyone who buys cattle and sheep in my company will be given all preferential policies. In the form of associations and farmers, support one household and succeed in one, so that each farmer will embark on the road to prosperity. Manager; Gao Lanxiang contact phone; 0537-6784189 mobile phone; 15154784564
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HTS1800 Sintering Furnace has function of power-off memory, it can restart with arbitrary curve of any program. HTS 1800 adopt world-class quality hearth material, new toroidal type transformer, silicon molybdenum rod, PID intelligent temperature control and high performance motor and belt, all those excellent components endow HTS1800 with great stability and longer lifespan.

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