Meat Donkey Breeding Base Shanxi Meat Donkey Breeding Base Heilongjiang Meat Donkey Breeding Meat Donkey Breeding Farm Large donkeys suitable for fattening related donkeys and donkeys in Texas, small and medium donkeys have Jiami donkey and Biyang donkey.
First, feeding principle According to age, body condition, male and female, strength and weakness, etc. for slot feeding, tying short stubble fixed slots, every day according to morning, afternoon, night, night feeding 4 times. The rough material must be chopped and chopped, so that "three-inch grass"; fine material to be ground, or fermentation to improve palatability and digestibility. Because the donkey's stomach is small, it is necessary to feed less and increase it, and use the characteristics that night does not prevent rest. At the same time, the donkey needs a large amount of digestive juice to eat hay, and it is necessary to ensure adequate supply of drinking water and adequate salt to brush the skin every day.
Second, the breeding of young cubs In addition to the normal management of donkeys, generally start training their eating materials at the age of 15 days. Milled corn, barley, millet, oats, etc. into a surface gruel, add a little sugar to induce its intake. We began to feed 10-20 grams a day, 80-100 grams a few days later, 100-200 grams a month later, and 500-1000 grams 2 months later, and then gradually increase. After 9 months, 3.5 kg of condiment was fed, and 500 kg of condiment was used during the entire fattening period.
Third, the adult donkey's fattening method Newly purchased donkey, you can first feed some grass, bran and other digestible feed, but also less feeding Tim feed, feed 70% full. After a few days of observation, the feeding period can be entered after eating is normal. At this time, the mixed coarse material mainly consists of cottonseed skin. The mixed fine material includes 50% of cottonseed cake, 30% of cornmeal, and 20% of bran. Newly purchased donkeys may not eat or eat at all for the feeds mentioned above. They may tame the food first, and may automatically feed one week later. Feed 2 times a day (appropriate for roughage at night), about 2 months after the donkey can feed to 80% full, can be listed when full. slaughter.
Connaught: 1, any of the improved varieties raised by the breeding base, if the price of the same quality is higher than any unit, with this information double the full travel fee.
2. For the donkey selected by each customer, we ensure the purity of the product, and we have a strict record of the records.
3, the farm has a special car delivery home, all died on the way to the company responsible.
4. For the first time, the animal husbandry division can follow the instructions for free with the vehicle, buy 50 or more free guides for 5 days, and purchase 100 or more free guides for 15 days.
5, encountered difficult problems in the breeding process can call the expert advice, we need to go to the door and we will promptly arrange.
6, in order to make you buy the rest assured that the comfort of breeding, you can first enter into a legal commitment to the contract after the purchase, the goods to the satisfaction of payment. Service tenet: customer supreme, credit first, honest and trustworthy, donkey to success

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