There are many causes of abortion in dairy cows, including genetics, climate and environment, endocrinology, diseases, and feeding and management. The improper feeding and management are the main incentives. For example, feed fed with spoilage can cause cow poisoning, resulting in miscarriage; sudden changes in temperature (climate change, cold stimulation, etc.), mechanical compression, cows suffering from stress, injury, etc. Cow abortion. Immunosuppression, casting of magnets, and extensive maintenance of hooves in the late spring and early summer, as well as indiscriminate disinfection or artificially inseminated techniques (such as checking the tires for rudeness, misalignment with pregnant cows, etc.) can all lead to miscarriage. Prevention of pregnant cattle abortion should take the following technical measures.

Introduction and quarantine can effectively prevent and control abortion-causing tuberculosis, salmonellosis, and brucellosis; if dairy cows are not introduced from the affected area, the newly introduced cows must be quarantined and kept under isolation conditions. Mixed group.

Strengthen management to strengthen the cleaning and disinfection of herds and the environment. Usually, we must pay attention to the health of the cattle body and carefully brush, in particular, to maintain the abdominal hygiene of pregnant cows, prevent the occurrence of vaginitis, metritis, regular quarantine, vaccination, drive Insects and disinfection, and as far as possible control the temperature of the barn environment, in particular, do a good job of cooling the sun.

A sports ground should be set up for the purpose of reasonable exercise feeding (the playground is located in front or behind the cowshed, and the area is designed to be 6~8 square meters per cow) to ensure that the cow has sufficient light and exercise, but the pregnant cow is in the late pregnancy The amount of exercise should not be too large. The floor of the barn should be non-slip.

Feeding drinking water to give pregnant cows are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, minerals, trace elements and other high-quality feed to prevent fetal death due to nutritional deficiencies or nutritional imbalance. Can not suddenly change the feed type, feed formulation and feeding management methods, do not feed with frost grass, mildew grass, frozen and spoilage of feed, and containing toxin feed. To provide adequate clean drinking water, pregnant cattle sweat, fasting when they are not allowed to drink cold water.

Correct insemination strictly follows the procedures of artificial insemination. One estrus insemination is performed 1 or 2 times and one dose of semen is used each time. In midwifery and artificial insemination, strict disinfection is required. The check-ups must be correct and the movements must not be rough.

Drug Prevention For cattle with a history of miscarriage, to prevent their re-abortion, 15 to 20 days in advance of pregnancy during the last miscarriage, 5 to 10 ml of progesterone (10 mg per milliliter of progesterone per milliliter) may be injected intramuscularly every other day. 1 time, continuous injection 3 to 4 times. When administering drugs to pregnant cattle, drugs that cause side effects of miscarriage cannot be used.

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