The throttle valve is a regulating valve by changing the cross section of the flow passage to control the pressure and flow of the fluid. However, due to its structural limitation, there is no regulating characteristic of the regulating valve, so it cannot be used instead of the regulating valve.
The cut-off type throttle valve has the same structure as the shut-off valve except for the opening and closing member and the relevant part; the opening and closing member of the throttle valve is mostly conical and streamlined.
Features of the â—‡ throttle valve 1 The structure is simple, easy to manufacture and maintain, and the cost is low:
2 adjustment accuracy is not high, can not replace the regulating valve 3 can not be used as a cut-off valve, no sealing performance requirements; throttle valve has no special standards, can refer to the cut-off valve standard.
â—‡ throttle valve installation and maintenance 1 The valve operates more frequently, so it should be installed in an easy-to-operate position.
2 When installing, pay attention to the flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the flow direction marked on the valve .

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