With the improvement of people's living standards and the accelerating process of trade globalization, imported wines have gradually shifted from the original high-end luxury goods to daily consumer goods. How to choose the right wine? Customs professionals will help you.

Imported food imported through formal and legal channels and supervised by the Customs will receive the "Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine of Entry Goods", and all imported foods shall be subject to the "Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine of Entry Goods" before they can enter the market. The information such as the name, brand, country of origin, specifications, date of manufacture, etc. stated on the Certificate of Inspection and Quarantine of Entry Goods shall be identical to the information on the imported wines sold.

The first measure: Do not blindly believe in "foreign language labels." Some consumers believe that with the "foreign label" blessing, quality is trustworthy, but it is not. According to Article 97 of the Food Safety Law : “Imported prepackaged foods and food additives shall have Chinese labels; if there are instructions in accordance with the law, there shall be Chinese instructions. The labels and instructions shall comply with this Law and other relevant provisions of China. The requirements of laws, administrative regulations and national food safety standards, and specify the origin of the food and the name, address and contact information of the domestic agent. The prepackaged food does not have Chinese labels, Chinese instructions or labels, and the instructions do not comply with the provisions of this article. According to the requirements of China's national food safety standards, the Chinese label of imported wines should include the name of the product, the country of origin, the raw materials and accessories, the net content, the date of manufacture, and the shelf life (the alcohol content is less than 10% vol must be marked with the shelf life) , alcohol, warning words (excessive drinking is harmful to health) and the name, address, contact information of the importer (or distributor, agent). Consumers are advised to observe whether there is a Chinese label and whether the Chinese label identifies the above requirements when purchasing imported wine.

The second trick: there are also tips on looking at barcodes. Consumers can also view bar code information on the back of the wine bottle. Generally speaking, "30-37" starts with the French original bottle imported wine, "80-83" starts with the Italian original bottle imported wine, "780" starts with the original Chilean bottle imported wine, and the beginning of "69" indicates Imported bulk wine for Chinese production or domestic filling.

The third measure: the price is too low to be cautious. For imported wines whose price is too large for the general price difference between the same product and the market price, or the price may be lower than the cost price, it is still necessary to purchase carefully.

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