Rice bran is a common feed for farmers and pig farms, and its proportion in compound feed is generally 10% to 15%. However, recently, the price of feed ingredients such as corn and soybean meal has risen sharply, and some pig farmers have been free to reduce costs. The amount of rice bran does not seem to be a waste of feed resources, but also causes some harm.

The first is that nutrients cannot be completely absorbed. The crude fiber content of rice bran is about 9.4%, which is 5.7 times that of corn. Due to the high content of crude fiber, pigs cannot digest feeds that use high crude fiber. When rice bran exceeds 40% in feed, the pig is bound to consume more digestive juice and waste of digestive juice. At the same time, it will also affect the absorption of other substances, such as some of the digested food is absorbed by the excess rice bran so that the intestinal mucosa can not be absorbed, while the rice bran is coated on the mucosal surface, thus affecting the absorption of other substances. This will not only make the extra rice bran unable to be completely absorbed, but also cause waste of other feed resources.

The second is that the excess glutathione causes the feed nutrient content to be too low, the digestibility of the feed to decrease, and the slaughter time for the pig to be extended, which results in a decrease in the utilization rate of the housing.

The third is causing pig constipation. Because the crude fiber in the rice bran is too high and the texture is dry, it will absorb too much water in the intestine. If the rice bran is fed too much, coupled with insufficient drinking water or poor management, it will inevitably cause pig constipation.

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