(a) distribution of production areas. Lion-headed geese are the only large-scale goose species in China. They were named after the forehead and buccal sarcoma developed as lion-headed. Lionhead geese are native to Xilou Village, Raoping County, Guangdong. The current production center is located in the suburbs of Chenghai City and Shantou City, and is distributed in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Heilongjiang, Guangxi, Yunnan and Shaanxi.
(b) appearance characteristics. Huge body, body square. The head of the head sarcoma is well developed, covering the hernia, and the well-developed pharyngeal bag under the forehead extends to the neck, showing a triangle.å–™ Short, solid, black, eyelid prominent, mostly yellow, iridescent brown, rough orange, red, black spots, the skin becomes creamy beige, skin wrinkles inside the body. The back feathers, chest feathers, and wing feathers of the entire body are tan. From the neck to the back of the neck, a dark brownish feather band is formed, and the feathers of the entire body are white or gray.
(III) Production performance
1. Egg production performance. The goose has a production age of 160-180 days and is generally controlled at 220-250 days. The egg production season is usually from September to April of the following year. This period is generally divided into 3 to 4 laying seasons, each of which can produce 6 to 10 eggs. The first egg production per year was 24 eggs, the average egg weight was 176 grams, the eggshell was milky white, the egg index was 1.48, the mother geese over 2 years old, the average egg production 28, the average egg weight 217.2 grams, the egg shape index 1.53.
2. Growth rate and liver performance in producing meat. The adult male goose weighed 8850 grams, the mother goose 7860 grams, body length 42.7 centimeters and 36.9 centimeters respectively, the keel length were 24.7 centimeters and 21.7 centimeters. Under grazing conditions, the male geese weighed 134 grams and had 133 grams of female geese; 30 days old male goose weighted 2249 grams, female goose 2063 grams; 60 days old goose weight 5550 grams, female goose 5115 grams; 70--90 days Age listed goslings without fattening goose, males average weight 6180 grams, 5510 grams of goose. The male geese had a half net slug rate of 81.9%, female goose 84.2%, male goose net slug rate of 71.9%, goose 72.4%. Lion's head geese average liver weight 600 grams, the largest fat liver up to 1400 grams, fatty liver accounted for 13% of the body weight, liver ratio of 1:40.
3. Reproductive performance. Male goose breeding is generally more than 200 days of age, male and female geese breeding ratio of 1:5--6. Geese naturally mated in water. The fertilization rate of 1-year-old female geese was 69%, the hatching rate of fertilized eggs was 87%, and the 2-year-old mother geese were 79.2% and 90%, respectively. The mother geese have strong nesting ability. Each time they produce a nest of eggs, they nest for one time and nest for three to four times a year. Under normal feeding conditions, the goslings of 30-day-old goslings have a survival rate of more than 95%. The goose can be used continuously for 5-6 years.

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