The new source of protein feed has always been a big cost in aquaculture. How to reduce the cost of feed while increasing economic benefits has always been a goal pursued by farmers. Breeding, especially pig raising, has accounted for more than six successes in feed costs. Anyone who can find a simple and feasible way to save on feed costs will be able to make money. Otherwise, it is likely to lose money. Because pig prices are affected by the market and individuals are powerless, the only thing that can save is the cost of feed. Before the invention of the feed starter, most of the roughages were often in a very "difficult" dilemma in terms of "use" and "no use". Use it, the effect is not ideal, not to use, but also feel sorry. Such as wheat bran, corn cob, straw, dregs, cassava residue, sweet potato vines, peanut shells, chicken manure and other livestock and poultry manure, some can not be fed directly, and some are not suitable for direct feeding due to pests and toxins . In recent years, microbial feed fermentation auxiliaries have been invented to solve this problem. A large number of practices have shown that through the use of micro-organisms (a large amount of high-efficiency micro-organisms in feed fermentation materials), please note that it is a functional micro-organism, not an ordinary micro-organism, which can be fermented into a bacterial protein feed and eventually solve the dilemma. Open up new sources of protein feed.

Double Arm Electric Medical Pendant with multi kinds of gas outlet and power socket can be choosed; The Ceiling Pendant is modular assembly, to make the Medical Pendant suitable to different environment use; it is inevitable choice for operation theater and ICU room;The pendant is mainly used to place monitor, electric knives and medical instruments needed by general surgery operations. Its bearing weight is more than 120kg. It could provide the necessary medical gas, power for operations with output terminal. It is equipped with all kinds of pluggable, quickly-connecting gas terminals.

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Double Arm Electric Medical Pendant

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