How to skillfully regulate water quality in fish and shrimp farming?
Cultured fish and shrimp need good water quality. The standard is: water quality is bright green or dark brown, thick and immiscible; transparency is 20-30 cm; the daily change of water color is obvious, and there is a change towards the red green and green. This kind of water plankton, dissolved oxygen conditions are good, not only to ensure a good living environment for fish, but also rich in natural food.
How can we get such water quality? We can use microbes to achieve this. "Fish and shrimp water conditioner" can rapidly and effectively degrade and mineralize large amounts of organic matter and various waste, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, sulfides and phosphorus and other harmful substances in the water through the microbial's own life activities. Biological methods (through the life activities of microorganisms and metabolic products) improve the quality of water, greatly reduce the damage caused by bottom sedimentation to the growth and reproduction of fish and shrimp, maintain the ecological balance of the water environment, and can inhibit the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and enhance the immunity of aquatic animals. Strengthens the survival rate of fish and shrimp by more than 30%. "Fish and shrimp water conditioner" can be widely used in seawater and freshwater aquaculture including fish and shrimp, turtles and crabs. Its characteristics are mainly reflected in: use less, 0.2-0.6 grams per ton (or cubic meters) of water; high efficacy, three to five days can be effective, with an interval of 20-30 days.
If fish and shrimp water quality conditioners are used in combination with aquatic feed additives, they will be able to play a better role and achieve a multiplier effect. "Aquatic feed additive" is an ideal substitute for antibiotics because it has many functions such as insect repellency, disease resistance, growth promotion, and increase of bait return rate. The scope of use of aquatic feed additives is the same as that of fish and shrimp water conditioners, with less dosage and high efficiency. It is added at about 1.5 饵 of the amount of feed, or the weight of fish and shrimp in water, and 0.6 gram for one kilogram. It is used for 20 days at intervals of 1 month. .

Fresh Chicken meat is tender, tasty, suitable for many kinds of cooking methods and nourishing, nourishing and nourishing. Chicken is not only good for hot stir-fry, stewed soup, but also for cold and cold meat. The whole body of the chicken can be eaten up and down, and the nutrition effect is rich, can be seen everywhere, so the folk call chicken is "ji world medicine".

Chicken protein has a high proportion of protein, many kinds, and high digestibility. It is easy to be absorbed by the body, and has the effect of enhancing physical strength and strengthening body. Chicken contains phospholipids that are important for human growth and development, and is one of the important sources of fat and phospholipids in Chinese diet. Chicken is bad for malnutrition, cold, fatigue, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, weakness, etc. Chinese medicine believes that chicken has the effect of nourishing qi, nourishing the spleen, nourishing the stomach, living blood, and strengthening the bones.

The general population is edible. The old, the sick, the weak are more appropriate to eat. The cold is accompanied by headache, fatigue, fever, and the diet of chicken and chicken soup. Obese patients and people suffering from detoxification. Hypertensive patients and hyperlipidemic diet. Chicken chicken broth contains more fat, which causes higher cholesterol in the blood, causes arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, causes the blood pressure to continue to rise, is not favorable to the disease; People suffering from cholecystitis and gallstone disease avoid food. Avoid stimulating the gallbladder, causing the gallbladder. For malnutrition, fear of cold, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, weakness, etc., have good therapeutic effects. Chicken is more nutritious than chicken soup. Chicken soup, contain glial protein, muscle peptide, creatinine and amino acid etc., not only the taste is delicious, and easy to absorb digest, have a big complement to the body

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