1. Site preparation and soil preparation: Choose a fertile, well-drained sandy loam or alluvial soil. Poor soil, low enthalpy and heavy soil or running on the mountain should not be suitable. Apply organic fertilizer and deep-dip.

2. Seed propagation: (1) Treat hard and solid seeds. It is important to pay attention to this point when cultivating jaundice for the first time. For the hard realization, it is necessary to use a roller to grind the seed coat without damaging the seed kernel, otherwise it will seriously affect the emergence. (2) Seeding can be planted in spring, summer and autumn, generally during the rainy season in June-July. At this time, the soil is full of water, and the temperature is high. The seedlings can emerge about 7 days after sowing. The soil moisture is also good for keeping seedlings. There is a lack of water in spring and the seedlings are often arid. Near winter sowing, the emergence rate is low. (3) Seeding is mainly used for sowing. Because of the good sowing of seedlings, uniform cover soil and moderate suppression, it is conducive to seed germination and emergence. The hole sowing is more than 20-25 cm hole to open the hole, each hole under the kind of 3-10 grain, cover soil 1.5 cm stepping, 1 kg per mu sowing volume. (4) transplanting seedlings. Seedlings can be sown or drilled. The spacing is 15-20 centimeters apart and about 2 kilograms per mu are used. Astragalus membranaceus grew one year later and was transplanted at the end of autumn and early spring. Asked to start over planting, when transplanting by row spacing 40-50 cm ditch, ditch depth 10-15 cm, the root Shun placed in the ditch, 15-20 cm spacing between plants, placed after the cover soil, watering.

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