Asparagus plumosus belongs to the family Liliaceae and genus Asparagus. It is specially used as cutting leaves and potted plants, and the potted plants are graceful and elegant. As an important ingredient of cut flowers, the commodity rate is very high. Because of its strong adaptability, simple cultivation and management, and less labor, it is possible to use the edge of the greenhouse, the corners, and the corners of the land for production. It is promising for development.

(I) Morphological characteristics and varieties

Asparagus is a perennial herb climbing plant. Stems clustered from rhizomes. There are many branches, which develop in a horizontal shape. The shape is similar to a triangle. The edges are often wavy, with green surfaces, most white spots, and dark red on the back. Dark purple flowers and shank, clustered, sagging. Berry spherical, purple-black at maturity, containing 1 to 3 seeds. Commonly cultivated, var. nanus is a variant of asparagus. The plants are shorter and shorter, with stems growing upright, without climbing, and leafy branches more dense.

(B) Ecological habits

Native to southern Africa, hi warm and humid environment. For fear of strong light and low temperatures, summers need to be shaded, and winter temperatures are not lower than 5C. The soil is most suitable for loose and fertile humus soil. The planted bamboo should be well-drained and loose fertile sandy loam soil. The winter temperature should be maintained at 12C to 15C, not less than 8C.

(three) breeding methods

The method of propagation of the asparagus plantlets generally uses seed sowing, and it is also possible to reproduce by division. However, the plants that are propagated by the splitting plants do not have a neat shape at the initial stage.

1. The berry planting of the asparagus was ripe in winter. When berries turn purple, you can harvest them. After the berries are harvested, remove the seeds by removing the peel. Rinse clean and sow. If the room temperature is lower than 15C, it shall wait until the spring season before replanting. During this time, the sand should be sown and sown. The main seedlings should be planted in indoor basins. Generally, they should be planted in shallow basins, and the grain spacing should be 2 cm. The soil should not be too deep. The film is covered to reduce the evaporation of moisture, keep the basin soil moist, and place it in a sunny place. After sowing temperature is maintained at about 20C, 25 to 30 days to germinate, at 15C to 18C it takes 30 to 40 days to germinate, seedlings grow to 3 cm to 4 cm high, they can be transplanted into seedlings.

2. The varietal reproduction is carried out in the spring when the pot is changed, and the roots are split open. Do not injure the roots too much. According to the size of the plants, the pots may be planted or planted. After the planting, drench the water and put it in half shade or shade. After the watering should be properly controlled, otherwise it is easy to cause yellow leaves.

(4) Cultivation techniques

The key to managing bamboo is watering. Too much watering, leaf yellowing, poor growth, easy to cause rot. The amount of watering should be adjusted according to the plant growth and season. In winter, spring and autumn, the watering should be properly controlled. Generally, the surface of the potted soil should be dry and then poured. If it is difficult to grasp the amount of water, it can be alternated between water and water. That is, after 3 to 5 times of small water, pouring once permeate, so that the basin of soil to keep wet and down and not much water. Water should be watered in the morning and evening in summer, and the amount of water is a bit larger and it does not hinder.

Although the bamboo is not very good for the fertilizer, it should be supplemented with more nutrients when it is planted, especially if it is to be preserved. Asparagus fertilization should be applied thin fertilizer, avoid using concentrated fertilizer. During the growing season, the organic liquid manure is usually applied every 15 to 20 days. Wenzhu Xi slightly acidic soil. Therefore, combined with fertilization, appropriate application of some manure fertilizer to improve soil pH.

Wenzhu should be used for indoor wintering. The room temperature in winter should be maintained at about 10C, and sufficient illumination should be given. After April, it can be moved to outdoor maintenance.

The planted bamboo is very lush and the new vines grow rapidly. They must be erected in time to facilitate ventilation. Appropriate pruning of the old twigs on the dead branches will encourage germination of new vines. Add a bone meal or superphosphate before flowering to increase seed setting rate.

As a bamboo shoot for cutting branches, the length of the shoot that was selected to meet the listing requirements was selected at the time of harvesting, and each 20 bunches were bundled and listed. Generally, the winter price was more than 20% in summer and autumn.

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